Talono's Catering Services Profile

Talono Investments Cc trading as Talono’s Catering Services is a proudly Namibian, young and upcoming and a full service catering company based in Windhoek, Namibia.

Talono’s Catering Services was founded in 2008 by a young and dynamic woman Ms Namupa Sophia Ndokosho whose management style is innovative. Her interest in establishing this company came while she was employed by one of the well-known Nando’s outlets in Southern Industrial Area an excellent Business Enterprises based in Windhoek.

She pulled together resources that included her vast skills in the hospitality industry, to come up with a company that is fit to compete with the best in the industry. As a company we believe that a part of responsible business is to support and work with the community.

Most people will tell you that catering is all about taste, well part of it is true but what we believe is that vision is paramount. In 2008 we got together and organized a unique catering company. A catering company dedicated to listening to our clients, seeing their vision and then bringing all of the elements together that make up a most memorable event.

Tell us what your vision is; a fairy-tale wedding reception, a gourmet sit-down feast or a glittering, oh-so-chic cocktail party. Whether your event is an annual gathering or a once-in-a-lifetime celebration, we guarantee that your event will come together in a way that exceeds your highest expectations.

The company’s goal is that of a multi-faceted success story. Our first responsibility is to the financial well-being of the company. We will meet this goal while trying to consider:

 Priority – The customer comes first
 Product – Quality contemporary food, stylish service and innovative management
 Purpose – Commitment to understanding the specific events of your organisation and to providing the relevant catering services
 Professionalism you can work with to achieve common goals

We believe in the following:
 Integrity
 Honesty
 Excellent Service
 Cleanliness
 Punctuality
 Respect for clients, guest and self

COMMITMENT TO THE INDUSTRY: Talono’s Catering Services has a commitment to excellent service delivery and put our clients first.

EMPLOYMENT: Talono’s Catering Services employs (Previously Disadvantaged Individuals) PDIs as well as semiskilled individuals.

Talono’s Catering Services have 11 staff members.